Current Projects

Networking and phone install - The City is in the process of installing a new network and phone system provided by Segra. This network will be a fiber ring network that will link all of the City's buildings together behind one firewall. This will secure the network and limit the points of failure and penetration into the network. Also this upgrade will update the out of date landline phone system and upgrade it to a hosted VoIP system using the latest Cisco phones. This new phone system will help with the issues the City is currently facing with the old phone system.

New Streaming system for Council Meetings - We will introduce a new streaming system into the City's infrastructure. This system will allow for better picture and sound quality for the viewers. The City will also start streaming on Facebook as well as YouTube. This new system will include a new PC with updated graphics card, updated streaming software, new sound system, as well as microphones for the audience. Rest assured we will put limitations on the microphones for the audience that will not pick up talking unless you are talking at normal volume.