Vienna History


Many cities are named after their founder. However, in 1794, Dr. Joseph Spencer gave our city its name after Vienna, New Jersey, where he had participated in a Revolutionary War battle. Vienna began as a 5,000-acre settlement - a grant to Dr. Spencer for his services during the War for Independence.

Charles R. Blair, the First Mayor of ViennaVienna remained rich farmland up until the late 19th Century, when roads were improved and tracks for an electric railway between Parkersburg to the south, and Marietta to the north, were laid. The strip of ground lined with trees you see in our site's graphic, above, is where they were.

First Mayor

Charles R. Blair, shown here, was Vienna's first mayor. Incorporated in 1935, Vienna steadily grew to the city it is today: An important hub of commerce in the Mid-Ohio Valley - home to retail stores, shopping malls, motels, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and much more.

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