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  • The City Building is open Monday – Friday, 8:00a-4:00p
  • Please direct all email  HERE, and it will be distributed to the appropriate Councilman or Councilwoman.

City Council

In Session:

Left to right:  Paul Thornton, Cathy Smith, Steve Stephens, Jim Miracle, Mayor Rapp, Roger Bibbee, Bruce Rogers, Russ Skogstad (City Attorney)

(listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Roger Bibbee

Mr. Bibbee is liaison to the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department. Contact him @ 304.295.5070, ext. 337.





Jim Miracle

Mr. Miracle is liaison to the Vienna Tree and Beautification Committee, and a member of the Vienna Planning Commission. Contact him @ 304.295.5070,  ext. 337.





Bruce Rogers

Mr. Rogers is liaison to the Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the Senior Center. Contact him @ 304.483.7726.





Steve Stephens

Mr. Stephens was elected to the City of Vienna’s Council for the term of 2013-2017.  This is his first term.  He is liaison to Code Enforcement and Building Inspection Departments.  You may contact him @ 304.295.9762.





Cathy Smith

Mrs. Smith was re-elected to the Recorder position.  She is also liaison to the Vienna Police Department.  You may contact her @ 304.295.5070, ext. 337.





Tom Azinger

Mr. Azinger liaison has yet to be determined.  Information will be posted as available.  You may contact him @ 304.295.5070, ext. 337.





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