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Marquee LED Sign

The City of Vienna maintains an LED sign for use by the public.  This sign is located at the intersection of 13th & Grand Central facing the northbound lane.

Here are a few easy to follow guidelines when submitting your message:

  • Message’s are handled on a first come first serve basis, and will carry a maximum of a two week rotation.
  • Please submit your message in as far advance as possible to expedite the approval process.
  • Each message will be formatted to fit the standards of the sign.
  • Email your complete message or attachment here, or any questions you may have.


If you would like more information on a message you have seen on our LED sign, please contact us
here for the un-condensed version.

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  1. Brian
    April 22, 2013    

    Hello, You have done a fantastic job. I am going to recommend this to my local friends. I am confident they will benefit from this website.


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