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Gold Star Memorial

The City of Vienna would kindly ask that citizens from around the area submit “their Gold Star Service Member” to be memorialized in our very own Gold Star Memorial.  This monument will placed in our newly developed Spencer’s Landing overlooking the Ohio River.  A committee will select 5 service men and woman for this honor.  Please include the following for consideration:

  • Complete name, address, date of birth, rank and service
  • Include a brief description (page or less) on why you believe they should be chosen.
  • Picture in uniform (this picture will be used for the monument)
  • Email submissions to: goldstar@vienna-wv.com
  • Deadline August 19th, 2016

If you would like to read more about Gold Star memorials and the families that support it, please visit this link:  http://www.hwwmohfoundation.org/gold-star-monument.html



Live Streaming now available

The City of Vienna now has 2 live streaming cameras available to the public that are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The feed is located on the corner of 13th Ave & Grand Central Ave. These cameras can provide traffic conditions related to inclement weather, traffic congestion and more. To view, please visit http://vienna-wv.com/portal/live-feed/ or click the Live Feed tab in the top right corner of this page

Family Fun Weekends – 2016


Our Family Fun Weekends continue this year, look forward to more fun on Friday’s and Saturdays at Spencer Park !!

Events start June 17th, & 18th, then again on July 8th & 9th, and finishing up on July 22nd & 23rd.

We have added more to the lineup, so please follow the link below to get the newest schedule of events.  Remember, this is fun for ALL ages !!

(due to licensing issues, Saturday June 18th feature Zootopia, will be changed to Kung Fu Panda III, and Saturday July 23rd film will be changed from Inside Out to Home)

PRESS RELEASE 07.29.16 – Update


July 29th 2016


The City of Vienna continues to distribute drinking water to those residents who are not connected to Parkersburg’s water supply. The following map located here: http://www.vienna-wv.com/water/watermaprevised.pdf shows the area currently covered.

Vienna distribution continues to be Vienna Utility Board garage, 210-60th Street. Water will be distributed seven days per week from 8AM – 8PM. Customers may choose either a case of bottled water or a case of 6 gallons per day. Bulk water has been discontinued with the availability of gallon bottles.

Central / Boaz customers will continue to have distribution at the Family Carpet Outlet, located on Rt. 14 in Boaz, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8AM – 2:00PM.

The projected date for resumption of normal water service for upper Vienna and Boaz is August 8th.
Please call 304-295-4543 with any questions.



May 27, 2016

Sections of Vienna are able to use tap water for cooking and drinking. The City of Parkersburg has added two booster pumps to existing lines and have hooked them to the lower Vienna area. Areas from 23rd Street in Vienna to the Mall will be affected.

According to the Public Service District, booster pumps were installed yesterday and the lines were flushed. The areas from the Mall to 23rd Street are no longer under the “Do Not Use the Water” advisory.

Sanitarians have visited the restaurants in this area that were using alternative water sources to recommend that they flush their lines and change the filters on drink dispensers, ice machines and any other equipment or appliance that have a filter on it.

Based on the EPA findings, the Mid-Ohio Valley Health still recommends that the permitted facilities in the other areas of Vienna and Boaz take precaution with water to be used for human consumption. We are recommending the use of other potable water sources. (ex. bottled water, packaged water)

Boiling the water is not an effective measure. For those restaurants, hotels and citizens still under the Advisory, the recommendation includes:

Water used in food preparation
Water used in ice machines
Water used in drink machines, coffee and tea makers.
Water used fruit and vegetable misters in retail stores.
Washing fruits and vegetables
Drinking Fountains

We recommend hotels provide bottle water to be used for brushing of teeth.

This does not include: Water used for washing utensils and equipment in three bowl sinks, in dishwashers, and handwashing.

Water distribution is still available and will continue until all residents and businesses are able to use city water. A tankard is available at the Vienna Utility Board on 60th street. Bring your own containers for the water. Bottled water is available at John Manville location on River Road, Grand Central Mall near Sears and also at the 60th Street location. In addition, Family Carpet in Boaz will distribute bottled water on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Water is available in gallon jugs as well as individual bottles. Mayor Randy Rapp is encouraging residents to recycle their bottles. Bins will be available to citizens upon request.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department has established a Vienna/Boaz Water Issue Information toll free phone line that people can call for answers to their questions. That number is 1-888-550-6797.

Click the link below to access a map of Vienna that shows the areas serviced by Parkersburg water supply.

http://www.vienna-wv.com/water/watermaprevised.pdf   – UPDATED 5/27/16




C8 Water Update


Water Information

The Federal Government lowered the C8 standards for water today. The C8 levels in our water are the same as they were 5 years ago. The State Health Department has issued an advisory stating that the C8 levels in the water can be harmful to your health if consumed.

The water in the city will not be shut down.

There will be tanker truck loads of water available starting tomorrow. Citizens will need to bring their own container. Water disbursement times/locations will be forthcoming

Select the picture to the left to easily access our downloadable documents


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